FrontRow™ UBER Technical Specifications

FrontRow™ Uber home cinema seating

The seat modules will go through standard sized doorways.

All modules with arms are designed as end pieces and seating controls. The dual motor seating controls are on the outside of the modules with arms. For the powered unit 1.25NA1V the switches are down the side of the seat.

The corner piece SQC and non-recliner middle piece 1.25NA have fixed headrests.

FrontRow™ Uber controls
Module Width Depth Seat Depth Back Height Seat Height Weight
1EL1U/ 1ER1U 93cm 108-165cm 57cm 75-101cm 46cm 52kg
1.25EL1U/ 1.25ER1U 107cm 108-165cm 57cm 75-101cm 46cm 60kg
1.5EL1U/ 1.5ER1U 115cm 108-165cm 57cm 75-101cm 46cm 67kg
1.25NA1V 74cm 108-165cm 57cm 75-101cm 46cm 41kg
1.25NA (manual headrest) 74cm 108cm 57cm 75-101cm 46cm 23kg
SQC (manual headreset) 118cm 118cm 75-101cm 46cm 45kg
1ELTSQC/ 1ERTSQC (non reclining) 240cm 118cm 75cm 46cm 84kg

Multiple Rows and Plinth Heights

Where multiple rows are used it is recommended to have a raised plinth. The plinth height will depend on the length of the room, height of screen etc. to determine the viewing angles. We can create scale drawing to help with the design of your room and to ensure those in rear rows do not have restricted sight lines.