Colours and Materials - Leather

New Club Leather: Protected, Thickness 1.4mm to 1.6mm

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The New Club leathers are our most popular leathers as they are hard wearing.

A selection of corrected, top grain leather with obvious embossed, made from premium hides.  The thicker cut provides luxurious comfort and rich grain appearance.  New Club offers the best of both worlds. With incredibly soft hand feel and enhanced durability.

Verona Leather: Protected, thickness 1.4 to 1.6mm.
5% surcharge for this leather finish

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Verona, VO is lightly corrected and unique leather, made from our premium hides. Lightly buffed and finished with a layer of protective coat to enhance its durability and hard-wearing properties, it accentuates signatures of natural appearance without compromising its authenticity and individuality of a leather hide, providing a unique soft and sponginess feel which gives durability and colour consistency without sacrificing its soft touch when upholstered.

Bijoux: Protected, Thickness 1.3 to 1.5mm

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A selection of corrected, top grain leather, all over embossed, and made from premium hides.  Bijoux provides luxurious comfort with a rich grain appearance. With an incredibly soft hand feel and enhanced durability

Columbus Leather: Thickness 1.1 to 1.3mm

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Using premium quality hides, the hides are aniline dyed and given a light protected finish without altering the natural grain. Therefore, Columbus leather displays all of the natural features, such as variation in grain, scars and minor shade variation. Available in a choice of colours, Columbus has a distinctive “Vintage Leather” look and feel.

Natural Leathers

Organic Natural Leather (Thick): Analine Plus, Thickness is 1.4mm to 1.6mm

A lightly buffed, natural aniline leather that is beautifully crafted into a natural two-tone leather using our modern tanning and finishing processes. It uses a wide selection of cowhide leathers and is very lightly finished without compromising its natural characteristics of a pebbled, soft hand touch.

Note: Natural leather has natural wrinkles, marks and scars. Variation in color and texture are genuine & natural features of leather.

Velvety Thick: Aniline, Thickness 1.4mm to 1.6mm
5% surcharge for this leather finish

Velvety Thick is a lightly buffed natural leather with Nubuck effect. Using premium hides that are specially re-tanned with vegetable tannins to achieve its tight, flat and yet soft and rich hand touch. It's finishing offers a natural effect adding a surface character to the hides.

Leather has natural wrinkles, marks and scar. Variation in colour and texture are genuine & natural features of leather.

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